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A WHOIS record stores pertinent information about a domain name, its registrant, and its registrar. Data within WHOIS records may vary, but at a minimum, this record will provide the registrar, name servers, and registration dates. More thorough records may give administrative or technical contact information, the domain owner, registration location, and an expiration date.

Some uses for WHOIS include:

  • Determining the availability of a domain name.
  • Contacting the registrar about copyright violations.
  • Diagnosing registration difficulties.
  • Establishing real-world identity and location of an online merchant.
  • Investigating websites associated with spam.

When you register a domain, you will be required to provide information to update the WHOIS records. With Virgo Networks you can choose to hide this information from public view free of charge, just check the "ID Protection" box at checkout or when updating your details.

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