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To make your hosting account work with our shared and reseller hosting services, you will need to update your nameservers. This allows our control panel to manage DNS records for you, making the operation of your website easier!

Domains registered through Virgo Networks

If you registered your domain with Virgo Netwoks, chances are your nameservers will already be set correctly!

Domains registered with another provider

For customers who registered their domain elsewhere, you will need to login to your domain registrars control panel, and add both of the following nameservers:

DNS Nameserver Address: IPv4 DNS Nameserver Address: IPv6 Nameserver Address: 2a02:5300:1:2::2 2a02:5300:1:2::3





You should wherever possible use the DNS address for our nameservers, as that ensures that if our IP addresses change in the future everything will update automatically.

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